Let me introduce Scent of York, a range of high quality fragrance products. During my studies in York I didn’t only learn the languange but also a lot of blending and all about perfumes. Harry the father of my hostfamily was passionned about herbs, flowers, … Every evening I came home and shared his passion. After some time I started a little factory in which we made our own candles and scented products. Five years long he shared all this knowledge with me so we turned the century old method to fragrance the home by using scented natural materials, into a new adapted and improved range of products “Scent of York” to suit present needs. Later I fell in love with my lovely wife and returned back home, back to Belgium. Together we moved the factory, kept all production secrets, used all same quality products and continued our growth.

The customers choice for decorative room fragrances has made our concept one of the fastest growing merchandise categories in Europe and other continents. Scent of York offers a complete selection of top selling home fragrance products, this ensuring a long lasting fragrance and therefor maximum effectiveness of the product. Situated in the heart of Europe enables us to offer the best possible service.

In our range we offer you a mix of 12 favourite fragrances, next to that we offer you all accessories to use our products and a high quality candle line which you can’t resist.

We offer creativity, quality excellence and passion of fragrance in a continually developping range of aromatic products all designed to enhance the beauty of the home.

Our mission is to fulfill everyone’s desire and to make our products part of your home, your selected “welcome home” smell. Harry, thank you so much for making me who I’am now and for sharing together the start of our brand “Scent of York”, thanks for the warm home you gave me during these years.

Enjoy our products !
Yours sincerely,